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Christmas came early, folks!

Jack Parow and Jitsvinger combined their gevaarlike powers to bring you the Dis Bef*k Remix (censored version is called Dis Bfk Remix) for FREE. Dis Bef*k was first released on the acoustic side of Parow’s double album, Nag van die Lang Pette (2014) and is about his love for his daughter, Ruby.

In the Dis Bef*k Remix Jitsvinger rhymes about his “twisted premonition” of having a baby that is a monster. Not having a kid himself, Jitsvinger asks Parow how to deal with this ‘ordeal’. Parow’s reply is simple: ‘’Bra, Moeder Natuur prepare jou mos die beste (Mother Nature prepares you best).”

Besides the free track, Parow and Jits are sommer throwing in a lyric video for Dis Bef*k Remix too!

And here’s something novel - the footage for the video was taken by none other than Parow’s daughter, Ruby. She was fitted with a GoPro so that the lyric video portrays life from her perspective. This footage is complimented with the lyrics written in Jack Parow’s handwriting.

Parow is a huge fan of Jitsvinger and his album, Skeletsleutel, is one of his favourite Afrikaans albums of all time. They both jumped at the chance to work together and proved to be a potent combination when they recorded the remix at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. Parow’s former guitarist, Loki Rothman, produced the remix version.

Watch Jack Parow and Jitsvinger perform Dis Bfk Remix together on SABC 3’s Weekend Edition on Saturday, 3 December from 06h30 and 09h00.

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