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JACK PAROW Presents:

The From Parow with Love EP

JACK PAROW’s brand new EP, From Parow with Love, is jam packed with the kiefest collaborations from ‘Cape Town all the way to the Netherlands’, and goes live on iTunes tomorrow! Fans can also look out for limited physical copies hitting the store shelves around the end of next week.

But, if you come to the launch shows this weekend (see the gig guide below) you can be the coolest cat in town and get it there first!

While Parow was busy conquering the Benelux countries he made new chommies and before you know it they started making some fantastic music together. Jack Parow dropped the first music video from the EP on 22nd January.


  1. De Kraaien & Jack Parow – Kattenkwaad (Netherlands)

Jack Parow met Bernd Gansebev and Prins Clit in Paanham during his travels in The Netherlands a few years ago. In 2015 he ended up visiting De Kraaien at their studio in Den Haag. After a full day session Kattenkwaad was almost finished. Jack Parow finalised his part in Cape Town and the two acts worked together to make the music video.

2. Ertebrekers & Jack Parow - Party Too Much (Belgium)

Flip Kowlier contacted Jack Parow in the beginning of 2015 about working together on a track that he had an idea for. That was the birth of Party Too Much. The Jack Parow parts were recorded at a friend’s flat in the East side of Amsterdam in July 2015.

3. Jack Parow - Thunderbolts & Lightning (feat Simon from De Likt) (Netherlands)

Jack Parow was only recently introduced to De Likt’s music by an Amsterdam based South African. He immediately connected with their energy and music. He needed an additional track for this EP. After a few emails and WhatsApp messages the production started on this killer track produced by Johnny De Ridder (Soft Light City) featuring De Likt front man Simon.

4. SKIP&DIE & Jack Parow - Perpetual War Remix (Netherlands)

Jack Parow met SKIP&DIE for the first time in 2010 at an event in The Netherlands where they were on the bill and they immediately clicked. They worked together on two other projects, but when SKIP&DIE released their second album Cosmic Serpents in 2015 Parow immediately fell in love with their track, Perpetual War. Parow suggested they do a remix of this song together and in August 2015 production started when he visited them in studio in Utrecht.

5. Jack Parow - A Rebel Till He’s Dead (A tribute to Pieter-Dirk Uys) (South African)

More information will be released at a later stage.

6. Freshlyground & Jack Parow - Army of One (South African)

Secret agents of #zefspionage, Jan Bont (Jack Parow), Geldpenni (Zolani Mahola) and Freshlyground joined forces on the very thrilling and action-packed song, Army of One for November 2015’s Sony Xperia Mashlab on 5FM.

From Parow With Love launch tour dates:

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