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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

It has been years since fans last saw an official body of work released by CRASHCARBURN. The day has finally arrived for the band to release their 4th studio album, entitled HEADLIGHTS. In a music industry obsessed with producing back-to-back singles, CRASHCARBURN chose to take their time and release a full-length record - a defining choice from a group of musicians that understand the importance of identity. The band recorded the album with Jacques du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus at High Seas Studios in Johannesburg. The band describes the album as ‘calmer’ than anything they have released previously. Whilst experimenting with a new sound filled with synths, falsetto and electric drums, the tracks still feature the soaring melodies, anthemic choruses and crafty earworms that have always been their trademark. ‘HEADLIGHTS’, the title track of the album, is a sonic and lyrical departure from what fans would expect from CRASHCARBURN. Featured at the halfway mark on the album, the song is about finding comfort in someone you love and trust. “There is a safety that comes with headlights, a reassurance that everything is going to be alright because you can see where you are going.” – explains front man Garth Barnes. The band extends this metaphor to the album artwork, which features the graphic image of a burning car. “Ironically, after 10 years of fighting any literal interpretation of ‘CrashCarBurn’, this time we embraced it. We bought a car, towed it into the middle of Johannesburg city center in the dead of night and set it on fire to shoot the cover photography and a promotional video for the album.” – explains drummer Brendan Barnes. “We didn’t overthink these songs. In the past we may have scrapped a song because it was too slow to play live or a sound we thought our fans might not respond to. This time around, we asked ourselves only one question: Does this sound great? Okay, let’s see where it takes us.”

HEADLIGHTS Track Listing: 1) Transition 2) Out of Control 3) Summer Forever 4) A Beautiful Year 5) In The Sky 6) Headlights 7) Nobody Wants You 8) We Sing 9) Hearts in a Hurricane 10) Don't it Feel Good? 11) Satellite 12) Free Fallin'

“It’s taken six years to get here, but there is something liberating about taking your time, giving the process space and letting the songs be whatever they are going to be. We’re incredibly proud of the way it turned out and we can’t wait to share the album.”

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