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Today sees the official release of a brand new single and music video from CRASHCARBURN, entitled JULIET. With the video already officially selected for two international film festivals (the Scout Film Festival in Vermont and CinePlay Film Festival in New York), the track is set to do big things in 2017! “We wanted to write a thumping pop punk tune that would tear the club apart when we played it live. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, but most of all it’s fun.” The band describes JULIET as a classic pop punk song about unrequited love; it’s about finding the girl of your dreams and she doesn’t feel the same way about you. For JULIET, CRASHCARBURN has gone back to their Pop Punk roots with the track featuring gang vocals, chugging guitars and catchy hooks. It will have you jumping and shouting along in the chorus. “We’re super happy with the track. It gets a great response live. It feels a little like we went back 10 years and wrote a song for a Hollywood teen movie.”

JULIET is a song for anyone who grew up listening to Blink 182, Greenday and Jimmy Eat World blasting out of their car stereo. It’s a track for anyone who ever picked up a guitar or a pair of drum sticks and played it as loud as they could. The video is an animation and a first for the band. The band was approached in 2016 by animator Dewald de la Rey from E.I.E Productions to create a video and it was perfect timing to tie it in for the release of JULIET. When the band first chatted to Dewald about the video, they immediately decided to go dark. They wanted to juxtapose the style of animation with the themes playing out narratively. The animated medium allowed them to make a really dark and bizarre video that would never work in a live action world; it’s twisted and violent but funny at the same time. “In an attempt to create the perfect man, Juliet unwittingly spawns a blood thirsty monster.” The video fits in with the song seeing as both are a juxtaposition. The track is loud and aggressive, but deals with unrequited love. It’s teenage angst wrapped up in a polished high end production. The song is about a girl who is figuratively tearing out a boy’s heart. The video is about a girl who is literally tearing out a boy’s heart.

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