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Today sees the official release of a brand new single by The Voice 2017 Winner, CRAIG LUCAS. The single, entitled HEARTS EXPOSED, is the 3rd single from his SAMA 2018 nominated debut album, RESTLESS - released in 2017. HEARTS EXPOSED started as a song CRAIG wrote many years ago, initially titled ‘Stay’. It was a much moodier ballad, inspired by someone he was seeing at the time. While they agreed to keep things casual, he eventually fell in love and wanted more, but these feelings were not reciprocated. CRAIG revisited the song during his album writing process, and with the help of Dominic Neill, reworked it into a much more uptempo track with a more hopeful outlook. “Hearts Exposed is about cutting out all the unimportant stuff going on around us that tend to wear down relationships, and finding your way back to that place and back to the person you were when you fell in love. It’s about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and putting aside your pride in order to fix your relationship.” While both CRAIG’s previous singles ‘I Said This’ and ‘Smother’, were slow to mid tempo ballads, he is excited to be releasing a more fun and uptempo song as a single. While the initial version of the song years ago was mournful, HEARTS EXPOSED now is a powerful, inspiring message of hope and perseverance and would be considered one of the more accessible singles that CRAIG has released to date. Whilst the production is current which will appeal to the younger crowd, it also contains some throwback moments such as the daft punk-esque bassline and Phil Collins sized drums that an older audience can appreciate. “Hearts Exposed is definitely one of the more poppier moments on my album. It exists within the realm of dance-pop music and has a very big and polished sound. It is very catchy and lots of fun, but the vocal delivery is very emotional and soulful and I think that is what makes this song stand out. I am excited to see how the public will respond to this offering.”

CRAIG LUCAS’ debut album, RESTLESS which includes HEARTS EXPOSED, is available in Apple Music here:

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