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“Art is often created from the loss of love; this album was created by the gains of love in my life." - Chris Chameleon.

‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ is Chris Chameleon's first self-composed Afrikaans work since 2009. The album will be released in May 2017.

This long-awaited album was inspired by Chris Chameleon's personal experiences with the search for and experience of love. The texts of the songs are in most cases poems he wrote while he was smitten. During this time, Chameleon attended a concert by a classical Indian artist, Shujaat Husein Khan. He did not understand a word of the hindi text, but he sensed exactly what the performance was about and was amazed when this was confirmed by and Indian friend who attended the concert with him. Evidently the spirit of the music was so strong that even an Afrikaans man could understand the meaning of the words across the language barriers. Chameleon felt tremendously inspired by this experience and this is where the work on ‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ started. The result is a 12 track-album where the simplicity, respect, compassion and complexity of love found manifestation in the spontaneity of word and sound.

Chris Chameleon says that the album is a work of emotional disclosure. He speaks in the album about God, his beloved and matters of the heart. "The album was not made on demand or because it was time or because I had enough songs for a new album. I gave myself full, unrestricted freedom of music and lyrics. I did not disguise my feelings with artistic conjuring or ribbons and bows. The texts were often written in free verse or naked prose, while still finding their form in the regularity of song.

This was a process that took a lot of honesty from me. I am humbled by the mystery of love and was inspired to write an album that extended beyond the understanding of my mind.”

‘Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy’ will be available from Groot Tunes from May 2nd. (Pre-orders on Groot Tunes from April 24th.) The album will also be available in stores and on other digital platforms from May 8th.


1 My beminde (die deurbraak).

2 Nie sonder die liefde nie.

3 Kom.

4 Die intimiteit van ons greep.

5 Aangekondig.

6 Die onomskryfbare.

7 Jy en Ek en Ek en Jy.

8 'n Glinsterende Herinnering.

9 Rinkink.

10 Oppe en affe.

11 Die rede.

12 Aalmoes.

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