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After a few years of silent reflection on the way things are going, South African electro-rap powerhouse BITTEREINDER have returned with a moving, melancholic hymn about time and the power of memory in the Age of Algorithm.

Jaco wrote the lyrics deep in the African bush on Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2016, over an idea for a beat that Louis had constructed years before. He was largely inspired by the opening lines of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's memoirs: "Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it." Peach then brought Louis and Jaco's ideas together with some vibrant production in the Planet Awesome studio.

Louis designed and built the snorricam with which the video was shot, and the final edit has resulted in a visual world that simultaneously gives the viewer access to the protagonist's mental and perceptual worlds. Jaco, Peach and Louis agree that the song itself almost came into existence just so that it could be the soundtrack for this video - the visuals, music and lyrics have really come together in a powerful way.

2018 will be Bittereinder's 10th year of making music together, and the band is excited about the new material which will follow in Donderwolk's trail...

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