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Bittereinder are back with the first single from their up coming album "Dans tot die Dood".

The track titled "Hartseer Gangster" features more subduded beats that their previous hit "Skerm" and makes one anticipate slighly more up beat lyrics that was heard on the previous album.

The official press release states:

Hartseer Gangster is a song about loneliness. It’s a song about family, about the hustle, about wearing sunglasses in the bath, and about being “moergoed met business”. Everyone in the world can relate to this song because essentially, at the end of the long boring day, we’re all alone, hoping someone will notice and/or remember us for our various “skills”. Knowing that they probably won’t. Hartseer Gangster is the singalong version of the tragicomedy of life, the human condition, and pumping this song in your car with your window rolled down is the best way to give your pesky existential angst the blinged-up finger.

The group approached this album with a vastly differant creative approach than any of their previous works.

In the middle of 2015, the band disappeared into the mountains of Mpumalanga for a week, removed from society and even the internet, and created what is arguably their best body of work to date. Largely inspired by synth-driven European dance music and drum-decorated modern world music, the album’s sound and lyrics explore what it means to be an individual in a globalized but specifically South African society, and how dance is a counterargument to mortality.

"Dans tot die Dood" will be available for pre-order on iTunes on 18 September.

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