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Chances are fairly good that you are reading these words on a screen. Screens hide, disguise and reveal. They peer back at us. They cast light, they spread darkness. BITTEREINDER's new single is the title track of the band's third studio album: SKERM. The new video itself exists on and in and thanks to screens - Louis Minnaar has created a golden sci-fi electro universe which bonses every bit as hard as the new tracks.

"Skerm maak my wakker. Skerm 9-to-5. Skerm in die aande. Skerm to survive."

BITTEREINDER's new album uncovers yet another unique sound palette, continuing the band's innovative sonic progression since their inception in 2009. The band's specific timbre has always been hard to pin down, one blogger attempted a description in 2011 which was quite endearing: "It's like someone threw Hot Chip and Buckfever Underground in a blender." The new album is loaded with soaring melodic singalong choruses and a notably stripped-down list of collaborators (considering the 15 collaborators on the first two albums!). SKERM as a body of work questions who we are by investigating relationships between artist, artwork and appreciator.

"Vanaand sien ek net my eie gesig in die SKERM."

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