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The album was completed over the course of two months of consistent work in the middle of 2015. Produced by the band themselves (as with all their previous work), most of the songs were written during a week-long retreat in the mountains of Mpumalanga, where the three BITTEREINDER boys were isolated from society and even the internet, focused exclusively on the writing and the music. The album was mixed by Peach van Pletzen at Sleeproom Studio in Pretoria.

Released precisely a year after their previous album, 'Skerm', DTDD contains an interesting progression in sound, featuring new ways of weaving human qualities into electronic music, a classic BITTEREINDER trait. Their first three albums each took two years to complete, with lengthy and dispersed production sessions, but with DTDD the songs were bursting to be written and the band produced a new body of work in a heightened and accelerated state of inspiration. The classic BITTEREINDER criteria are still prominent: conscious rap, lots of big beats made for bonsing, and powerful melodious choruses made for singing along - they still are Die Dinkdansmasjien.

As the lyrical and sonic content of the album developed, BITTEREINDER realised they were making music which was going to work well as part of their live set, and many of the lyrics were investigating the idea that the act of dancing becomes a remarkable counterargument for our collective mortality.

“Everyone will die, but when you dance you prove most effectively to yourself and others that you are very much still alive.”

“We’re pretty confident about this being our best album yet, which is of course a good (one might even argue indispensable) feeling to have just before dropping a new album!”


17 October 2015 // MYSTIC BOER // Bloemfontein

22 October 2015 // MYSTIC BOER // Potchefstroom

23 October 2015 // RUMOURS LOUNGE // Johannesburg

30 October 2015 // 1 FOX THE SHEDS // Johannesburg

31 October 2015 // ARCADE EMPIRE // Pretoria

06 November 2015 // THE ASSEMBLY // Cape Town

07 November 2015 // AANDKLAS // Stellenbosch

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