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Friday, 9 June 2017 sees the release of a brand new self-titled album by MONARK. The album comes after the release of the first single from the album, BROKEN, earlier this year. MONARK, the album, was written and produced by band members Eugene Coetzer and Ewald Janse van Rensburg and recorded at Ewald’s studio in Potchefstroom. The album sees the band venturing into a new direction with regards to their sound and production. They have always written music which they themselves would like to listen to whilst moving with new trends in the market and challenging themselves to explore new sounds; they explored a range of styles for this album to appeal to an even broader audience. The result - an album with more intricate layerings which is a little darker, more broken down and less saturated which still features frontman Eugene’s distinctive vocals paired with MONARK’s signature hooks and catchy melodies fans have come to love. The band drew inspiration for the album from the conflicts of interest between any two human beings and the extreme irony which flows from that: Love/hate, joy/pain, the self/the other - the fine balance between the passion that drives any relationship and the colder choices behind the long term stability. With more intricate and complex songs with regards to the core melody, the band has decided to self-title their latest offering: “We went with a self-titled album because we wanted to make an impact and remove any distracting clutter around who we are and what we are doing. We wanted to make the point that ‘This is Monark!’ - clean, simple and to the point with no labyrinth of of layered meanings to lessen the impact of the music.”

MONARK Track Listing:

  1. Lonely Light

  2. Broken

  3. Glancing

  4. You Lie

  5. Here’s To the Fun

  6. Show Me The Love

  7. Sake of Our Love (feat. Ryki)

  8. Hold On

  9. Show House

  10. (W)Holes

“Fans can look forward to a wide range of styles, with a good hook at their core. There are songs inspired by West African grooves to Drake and Kendrick Lamar hooks and melodies, to straight ahead pop songs with a Chainsmokers and Coldplay feel, and probably a bit of a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' influence. Interesting, intricate, yet accessible.”

Catch MONARK live on their album launch tour: Date: Friday, 16 June 2017 Venue: Willowbridge Barnyard, Cape Town Time: 8PM Entrance: R150 Bookings: Date: Friday, 23 June 2017 Venue: Die Blou Hond, Pretoria Time: 18h30 Entrance: R330 (Dinner & Show) | R230 (Show Only) Bookings: Date: Wednesday, 12 July 2017 Venue: The Rockwood Theatre, Pretoria Time: 8PM Entrance: R150 Bookings: Date: Saturday, 29 July 2017 Venue: Silverstar Casino, Johannesburg Time: 8h30PM Entrance: R150 Bookings: Date: Friday, 4 August 2017 Venue: Rivonia Barnyard, Johannesburg Time: 8PM Entrance: R150 Bookings:

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