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Mr Cat and the Jackal are one of a kind at they prove it over and over again. From the very beginning they have set themselves up for success no matter what they do. It will always be kooky and artistic and ground breaking. S3T is no different.

This album has become my traffic yoga. One song literally flows into another with subtle water nuances that makes it all sound so effortless. Although their music might be the most complicated thing I’ve had the privilege to witness.

Gertjie really steps up to the plate as storyteller and Jacques’ tender vocals are a greatly successful polar opposite of that. These 5 artists also have a magical way of harmonizing without ever making it feel ‘over done’.

This album reminds me of sad clowns and beggars along the river Thames. This may sound dreary but there is something hopeful about the whole affair. This is perfectly explained in the lyrics “There’s not much to gain here… and not much to lose…” Pretty self-explanatory yet profoundly moving. There is also an ever-present feeling of mischief and anticipation.

There are four instrumental tracks. 3 Of witch have Afrikaans titles and the last being a tribal sounding tribute to Martin Denny. They reached such great success with the nonsensical song “Where's My Shoes” and the have created an equally enjoyable track this time “Scissors”. Very similar feel to the song but they are able to avoid a “been there, done that feeling”. My favorite track by far is “End of Days” that perfectly meshes all the different elements they bring to the table. Great electric and acoustic guitar interweaving and a groovy bass that complements the urgency in the percussion.

There isn’t much to say other that the guys have done it again! A thoroughly satisfying album that showcases the best of what these guys have to offer.

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