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Monark’s debut album entitled NEGATIVES, has been through Universal Music South Africa. The album is currently nr. 1 on the iTunes Album Chart.

Without a doubt one of the most exciting acts to break out from 2013, MonArk are changing the face of pop music in South Africa. Mixing Eugene Coetzer’s uniquely characterful vocal delivery - polished with his distinctive falsetto - and Ewald Jansen van Rensberg’s unmatched, global production style, MonArk craft songs rich in meaning and soul stirring hooks. Performing as a 4-piece band, MonArk deliver something completely fresh and unique, and are setting trends sonically and stirring up tastes in the South African music landscape. Having dominated the South African airwaves with their first 2 singles, Smiling (5FM Top 3) and Build It Up (5FM Top 5, and #1 on Jacaranda FM, Highveld/KFM, Algoa FM, OFM), MonArk recently released their 3rd single, Something, building up to the release of their debut album NEGATIVES. The album was written and recorded from August 2013 to April 2014 in Potchefstroom.

“A Negative is a photographic image made on film that shows the light and shade or color values reversed from the original. A blueprint if you will, containing all the elements necessary to reproduce that image. Light, shade, colours. Happiness, joy, sorrow. This first album of ours will always be just that to us: A snapshot of how we felt and what we thought, what stories we had to tell, what conversations we wanted to have at the time, but also containing enough truth of who we are as to ensure a steady 'image' of us as we pursue our future.” Although the band did not intentionally pursue a singular theme for the album, one could however say that they try to view the world in a non-cynical manner, but not by simply dismissing that which is bad, evil or uncomfortable. True love, peace, happiness, etc. are most likely achieved despite the bad in the world, not in it's absence - and that is the recurring subject on the album.

The band found inspiration for the album in all their life experiences and relationships, past and present. The thrill of finding a 'musical' voice to express who they are and how they feel, in it self was also an inspiration. The result: An album you can dance to, overcome challenges to, lay on your bed and relax to and also sing to in the shower. “We have released 3 singles to date, but a story is never finished after the first 3 chapters; we invite everyone to come and experience the whole story with us, the best parts are yet to come!”

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