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ANG has clearly made her mark in the electronic music industry and after a killer at Mieliepop in 2017, inviting her back this year was an obvious choice. Let’s get to know this passionate lady.

Your career has lead you to many spectrums of the SA music industry, including working as a promoter, artist manager and online radio host. How did you land in the world of DJ’ing and how does it tie with your love for SA music?

I was managing a live music venue at the age of 21 when I first saw DJ’s in action. I was always compiling playlists for the venue and for friends, so I was encouraged to try DJ’ing. After the first night, the bug bit me hard and I never stopped. I try to play as much local music as possible in my sets, so DJ’ing has just become a means for me to share my love for South African music.

You are no stranger to the magic of music festivals. What is it about festivals that excite and amaze you?

We create concentrated mini-communities that thrive for 3 – 5 days in their own bubble, with their own economy, all based around passion and enjoyment of music and culture. It’s a fascinating exercise, and when it's done right it really is a beautifully inclusive and inspiring experience.

What are your thoughts about and experiences of Mieliepop?

In 2017 I got to experience Mieliepop for the first time. I was only supposed to go for one night, but after arriving I knew I didn't want to leave. I missed two flights back to Cape Town because I didn't want to go home. It's a paradise, full of the best people, accompanied by outstanding music. I am yet to match or beat that experience at another festival in South Africa. I swore to myself I would go back every year, regardless of whether I am playing or not.

The Mieliepop rave cave has become an iconic place and avid partygoers tend to instantaneously follow the groove to the rave cave. What will the type of groove sound like when they hear ANG play and why should they follow the groove and dance away to ANG?

I played the Rave Cave in 2017 and it's not an experience that is easily put into words. The space is massive in energy, but deeply intimate at the same time. This year I am joining the Hot On Top crew at their takeover of the Pool Stage, which is a day time slice of paradise. I'll be exploring the sultry, more groovy side of my music collection, as opposed to the raw big bass I showcased in the Rave Cave in 2017.

With so many DJ’s doing their thing locally these days, are you happy with the standard local DJ’s are producing and the opportunities available to local DJ’s?

The DJ pool is overcrowded at best, but there are several individuals who are putting in the work to stand out from the crowd. Now more than ever, you create the opportunities and don't wait for them to come knocking.

What are your three festival must have’s?

Sunblock, bottled water and a good attitude.

Be sure to catch ANG on the Cool In The Pool Stage on Saturday 24 March at 14:00!

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