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Today sees the release of MAJOZI’s debut full length album, FIRE, his sophomore release with Universal Music and the follow up to his highly acclaimed EP Mountains. Fire debuted at #3 on the iTunes Top 10 album charts on the day of release. The majority of the album was written over the course of the past year, with the exception of his hugely successful singles'Fire' and 'Darling', which come from an earlier session. The album also includes an incredible collaboration with the immensely talented Tresor as well as Majozi’s heartfelt contribution to the Coke Studios series, Mzali Wami, which featuresBafikile and Solo. Having recently moved to Cape Town and being almost constantly on the road over the past 6 months, Majozi’s life has offered rich inspiration for the writing of this album. He uses the songs as a way of expressing his feelings and observations as he’s grown as an artist and person during this time. Through these experiences Majozi has crafted an uplifting album founded on organic, rootsy guitars, uplifting sing-along choruses and huge vocal production that brings the listener right into the stories that Majozi artfully crafts on this record. “My faith and how I see life through it will always be a recurring theme for me, but otherwise I tried to be more vulnerable and explore themes like heartbreak and the loss of a loved one for this album. But for the most part it still has that happy uplifting sound and hope-filled lyrics with a story behind each song,” says Majozi.

FIRE Track Listing:

  1. The Lighthouse

  2. Fire

  3. All You Need

  4. Where Do We Go

  5. Darling

  6. Breathing

  7. The Greatest Love

  8. The Woods

  9. Woodstock

  10. Our Last Goodbye

  11. Mzali Wami (Ft. Bafikile & Solo)

  12. Darling (Live ft. Paige Mac)

“I am so stoked about this album, and really proud of the sound we've got. Writing music is honestly the best thing I've ever done. Doing a full-length album gave me a lot of space to learn a lot about life and myself. It’s also an album that I hope will inspire more kids to play instruments.”

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