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The Lugsteuring vinyl is here, only now that the last notes of the Bose Kringloop Tour have faded.

“The difference between Europe’s summer holiday and South Africa’s winter threw us unexpectedly and production was delayed beyond our control.

We were heavy disappointed that the vinyl did not take to the road with us on the Bose Kringloop Tour, but it is here now. Three hundred and fifty vinyls are available from The Greek Merchant at R299 a puppy. Get yours now, because they are running fast and it is very rare.

Lugsteuring is our favourite full length album as a band. We knew little about writing songs ten years ago. Lugsteuring was raw, unstructured, abstract, unpolished… basically everything that embraces the ‘Spirit of Fokof’ and probably the reason why we are still here 11 years later.” FOKOFPOLISIEKAR

The Bose Kringloop Tour was a raging success. Fokofpolisiekar worked some Lugsteuring favourites into their live set to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this album.

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