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2016 also saw Loki branching out even more as an artist and music producer. He wrote and recorded the soundtrack as well as the hit song, Ons op ons eie (Us on our own), of the romcom movie Jou Romeo to be released on 23rd December.

Loki also reworked and recorded the legendary Afrikaans singer, Laurika Rauch’s song, Blou (Blue) with her for her album, Die Reis. That means that Loki is involved with two exceptional songs currently dancing on the airwaves of more than 14 radio stations across the country.

The music video for Ons op ons eie will premiere on kykNET’s Jukebox on Saturday, 10 December from 19h30. Blou’s music video is currently at number 20 on kykNET’s Top 20 chart.

Due to Loki’s hectic schedule as solo artist and music producer, his time as Jack Parow’s guitarist ran out recently. Yet it’s not farewell. “I’m still involved with him behind the scenes. I am producing Jack Parow’s next single, Dis Bfk Remix featuring Jitsvinger, and a new single for an upcoming movie,” says Loki.

BLOU – A new rendition and duet with Laurika Rauch:

“Every now and then I have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe it’s really happening.”

2016 SAMA nominee for Best Pop Album, Loki Rothman has been releasing his popular #OneManBand cover videos of international hits from his Facebook page and YouTube channel since 2015. In 2016 shook up this idea and roped in a collaborator in the form of Pierre Greeff from Die Heuwels Fantasties to cover Amanda Strydom’s song, My Kamer.

The success of Loki and Pierre’s gripping rendition of this song inspired Loki to take a chance and knock on Laurika Rauch’s door for a collaboration on one of her songs. The result is Laurika and Loki’s beautiful and unique rendition of the classic Afrikaans song, Blou.

Loki found this experience to be indescribable and he is super excited to share Blou with the public. “The harmony of our voices on this recording just works. I don’t think anyone’s ever tried the acoustic guitar tapping style with an Afrikaans song,” says Loki.

For her part, Laurika sounds just as excited about this pairing: “For me it’s such a pleasant musical experience to work with Loki. His sound is fresh, his musical insight immaculate and his technical abilities incredible – both as singer and as guitarist/instrumentalist. I view it as a supreme privilege to be able to move into its atmosphere and to make music with him.”

Laurika and Loki will also be playing a few very special shows together:

5 December: Swellendam - The Teatro at Ten on Main 6 December: Swellendam - The Teatro at Ten on Main 28 January 2017: Rawsonville (Keep an eye on Loki’s Facebook page for more details.) 10 March: Stellenbosch - US Woordfees, Spier 11 March: Stellenbosch - US Woordfees, Spier

ONS OP ONS EIE – From Jou Romeo’s sound track:

On the 23rd of December the latest teen romcom Jou Romeo, will be released in movie theatres country-wide.

Loki wrote and produced the film’s sound track and the hit, Ons op ons eie, which was released to radio stations the week of 17th October 2016.

The song lyrics, as well as the creative mix of electro-dance music-, acoustic- and pop-elements, describe a tragic love scene in the film.

Loki tell how it all played out: “Dries asked me to produce original music for JOU ROMEO. It was challenging to write a whole series of songs by using only the visual material from the film as a reference. I couldn’t write just anything because the lyrics and melody had to blend in with what happens on screen. The songs are divided in such a way that half of it are English and the other half Afrikaans and various singers were used for each track. The last song that I wrote, Op ons eie, was my favourite and I really wanted to sing it myself. This song was also my first original Afrikaans single that was released. It’s something completely new to me as an artist and to those who know my previous music, even though the production and sound quality still resonates to that of my first album, The Way Back. In a way it’s like the Afrikaans version of it.”

Op ons eie is Loki’s first original Afrikaans song. This song is also available on the Afrikaans is Groot Vol. 9 album, currently available in music stores.

4 December - Karen Zoid LIVE , D’ Aria Wine Farm

​Line-up: Karen Zoid, Loki Rothman

Address: D'Aria Wine Estate​,Cape Town

Time: 15:00

Tickets: R100 - R500




5 December - Laurika Rauch en Loki Rothman Show 1(Swellendam) - The Teatro at Ten on Main

6 December - Laurika Rauch en Loki Rothman show 2 (Swellendam) - The Teatro at Ten on Main

9 December - Cafe Roux, Cape Town

Venue: Cafe Roux

Address: Noordhoek Farm Village, 270 Chapman's Peak Drive,​ Noordhoek, Cape Town

Time: 19:00

Tickets​: R100


​Contact: Book a table @​


10 December - The Village (CT)

16 December - Rock Lilly (Cape St Francis)

17 December - Mike's Music Kitchen (PE)

​Venue: Music Kitchen

Address: 69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth

Time: 20:00

​Bookings Contact: 072 9945096 / 041 3641964

Tickets - R100


20 December - Goat Shed, Eastern Cape Bathurst

21 December - Shenanigans (George)

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