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#ToeEnNou (Then and Now): A series renditions of iconic Afrikaans songs – Part 1

Justin Serrao is well known for his original English Country Pop music. He and his friend, Regardt Scheepers are launching a project of another flavour where they sing legendary Afrikaans songs. “It is to pay tribute to these legends and founders of our proudly South African industry. We will be releasing a series of the greatest Afrikaans songs over the next year. We are really excited about this project and it gives us goosebumps when we do it right!” says Justin.

Justin and Regardt jump start this series with the Afrikaans icon Koos du Plessis’ timeless classic, Kinders van die wind. “It’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics and a theme that all walks of life can relate to – the fragility of mankind. It was relevant 40 years ago and will be relevant for the next 40 and years to come after that,” explains Regardt about their decision to cover this song.

Justin and Regardt induce goosebumps with their captivating performance and stylish rendition of the beloved Afrikaans masterpiece.

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