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Jonathan Peyper

Debut Album Release

Guitar virtuoso Jonathan Peyper has released his power-trio debut album.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest up-and-coming musicians and guitarists in the South

African Rock and Blues community. Peyper has produced a groundbreaking album

that educes a swarm of emotions.

With the support of Chris van der Walt and Jason Hinch as one of the most exciting

rhythm sections in the country (The Black Cat Bones, Stefan Dixon, Albert Frost),

Jonathan Peyper has created nothing short of a well-rounded blues-rock masterpiece.

Peyper has been active on the music scene with bands like Jan Blohm, Guns ’n Roses

and AC/DC Tributes, and more...

The album was written and recorded in April of 2014 at Wolmer Records, Pretoria. It

was recorded live, without a click-track, which showcases the energetic and flawless

performances from all three artists. Backing vocals were performed by Tamryn Jones

a.k.a. Tammy Wilson from Southern Gypsey Queen.

“Jason and Chris where able to bring a never before seen attitude to the table

because I allowed them to create their own music and create what felt right to them

as individuals.”

The album stems from deeply personal experiences and Peyper has proven himself to

be not only a superb instrumentalist but also a masterful songwriter and lyricist. He

evokes emotion with every note and his top class guitar playing rounds off the album

with soul and power. Throughout the album there is evidence of musical, emotional

and lyrical development. This helps send every listener on his/her own journey when

experiencing the album.

“The album centers a lot around my own heart ache and pain. Yet through this I want to show people how love and sadness are real and powerful forces that must not be underestimated. In the end I simply hope that people find my work relatable and that I can provide a channel for emotional release.”

Jonathan Peyper Track List:

1. Apologies

2. Queen of Clubs

3. Mysterious Woman

4. All I want is Your Love

5. Love at Midnight

6. Don’t Stop Your Rock ‘n Roll

7. Hold On

8. Where is my Eve?

9. What You Do To Me

10. Baby Blue Eyes

11. Close To Home

Jonathan Peyper has been burning up stages at festivals all over the country including

Innibos, STRAB, Wolmer Fest, Otterlake Easter Festival, FORR, and more... The

official launch of the album will take place at Oppikoppi Odyssey 20. He will be

performing at 11:00 on Saturday 9 August at the Wesley’s Dome Stage.


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