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When news broke in January that Jager boy , Jason Oosthuizen, would be leaving rock n roll heavyweights Van Coke Kartel, fans where saddened and shocked. He has since moved to the USA and now lives in Los Angeles, CA. After only 6 six months he has joined Pasadena based progressive pop-metal rock band Lights in the Sky. I caught up to him to chat about his new life, partying with the foo fighters and all the big plans he has coming up!

Jason has kept all his fans back home in the loop of all his antics and it seems that in good old USA there is never a dull moment. He has been on tour with Lights in the Sky for the past seven weeks and having a blast every step of the way! From buying a pat goldfish to jolling with the Foo Fighters, Jason is putting his signiture all over 'merica and making us proud!

This genre is very different than what we got to know you with. Is this where you want to be musically?

To be honest, no. Most certainly not one of my favorite styles but as you know in this game everything happens so fast and next thing you know you’re on tour! But I did have a lot of fun on tour, seeing most of the USA and playing the their tunes. As you know I started playing very heavy music when I was like 14 in one of my first bands so I just needed to dust off the goatee and camo shorts and I was good to go!

Image by Najee Martin

What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from your journey so far?

I think every little thing has just been an eye opener. It has been six months now and I am still not settled yet. It really is a whole new world out here. One thing that stands out is standard of bands and musicians. They all play great gear out here...It is crazy!!!! Another big thing was the humbleness of guys like Glen Sobel from Alice cooper/Areosmith. Also chatting to Dave and Taylor from the Foos was like chatting to some cover band! THATS how humble they were. I’ve also met Tony Royster from Jay z and we just chatted about random stuff before he went on stage. I mean the list goes on...I think that kind of down to earth attitude is something everyone can learn from.

What would you see as some fundamental differences between the music communities here and there?

Well, firstly there is a scene for every style and genre out here and people really do support! The venues are very jacked up with great stages and lights and all round structures. You can be on the road playing 5 days a week for two months and you won't play the same venue or town twice. Also, most of the big guys are really down to earth here and are always willing to share knowledge, which was awesome to see/have.

Do you see yourself moving back some day?

I really hope not...However, I have been speaking to Catherine from 5fm and we might do something when I am back for a visit which will be pretty exciting. There are also some other music projects I still want to do back home so visits/tours is a sure thing. All my family and crazy friends are there so I will always be home throughout the months.

So what’s next for you?

Well I am back from tour and already done some new, very exciting additions to my calendar… I also started my own project and we have our first show on the 27th of this month at a huge beer fest. I got in for the guitar center drum off which is HUGE and I think I am the first African to be a part of it so let's see how this all goes. Trying to fly the SA flag you know!

Biggest piece of advice you would give guys that wants to follow in your footsteps??

There is no reason to be scared to come here. We have so much talent back home, and you really can compete abroad! Come here as young as possible, it will count in your favor!

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