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After the highly successful double album Parow delivered in 2014, the “man met die snor by die bar” has surprised fans with an EP release to kick off what is looking to be a massive year for him.

The EP boasts 6 tracks each featuring a fierce collaboration. Parow joined forces with four artists from Europe to ensure a much more diverse and international sound.

The album returns to classic Parow themes of rough parties, unapologetic dance beats and repetitive chorus lines and that is exactly what we were looking for. The rhythms are certainly more electro and bass driven and can easily transcend to any world class EDM dance floor.

Stand out tracks will have to be Track 1 with De Kraaien and Track 4 with SKIP&DIE. Both tracks gets you dancing on the spot and you will quickly find yourself adding them to your party playlists.

Track 5, “A Rebel Till He’s Dead”, features a tender tribute to South African icon Pieter Dirk Uys. Even though the track is memorable and well constructed it breaks the rhythm of the album and feels like offcuts from Parow’s previous album.

“Army of One” is a track from 5FM’s Xperia Mash Lab and features Freshlyground. The song abruptly changes between melodies and verses and at times makes me uncomfortable to listen to it. You can’t get too attached to one section of the song because you will soon be shoved into a pseudo James Bond theme and then again half-heartedly be treated to some more beats.

The EP is a good example of why artists choose to treat fans to such a limited release. It’s an experimental sound for Parow that might not be strong enough to carry of a whole album but he certainly got my attention with a few core tracks.

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