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The king of Afrikaans rap is back with his 3rd studio album and it’s bigger than ever! Nag van die Lang Pette is a massive two-disk album that delivers some of the biggest surprises you could possibly imagine.

The first single, Bloubek, sets the tone for the electric side of the album. Nearly two years after Parow’s Eksie Ou album, he sets out to remind you that his music is just as loud and rude as ever. The album stays true to Parow’s self-promotional lyrics from his first album but the production is tighter and bigger than ever! I was dancing from track 1 and it didn’t seem that there was any stopping on the horizon.

An interesting addition to the album is the new Vernon Koekemoer wannabe, Radio Raps (the infamous voice that brought you all the advise you need when heading to the gym on the East Rand). Altough you skip through them after you have listened to the disc once, it is surprisingly hilarious and a perfect fit for the king of zef. He efficiently describes the worst “Morning After Babbelas” and tells you exactly how to prepare for a night at a Jack Parow concert.“ Jy slaap daai aand uit. Jy gaan nie terug kom in jou eie huis en op die wysie van Doos Dronk wawiele en kak maak nie!” Listen to the man, he speaks the truth. These messages serve as entertainment as well as a user manual.

Every track on the electric side of the disc delivers something special. Loud guitar riffs, famous children’s rhymes, infectious dub-step and even more lighthearted tribal vibes on tracks like Ode to You (my firm favorite) all make for a well-rounded album.

The biggest surprise of all is the acoustic side of the album. Is features classic Parow songs that have been reworked and also shows off some phenomenal original songs. The song that steals the show is the Mr. Cat and The Jackal collaboration, Die Kruispad. With their iconic saw and mandolin (and who knows what else) they have broken boundaries to create something that is truly unique and worth getting excited about. Dis Befok is possibly the sweetest thing I have come across and totally caught me off guard. Parow serenades his daughter and melts hears with this cheesy, overly sentimental, back to basics song. Loki Rothman truly shows off his superior guitar skills. Original songs like Katerien and Eksie Ou have been masterfully reworked in a romantic classic style and making them even more catchy and memorable.

Parow has once again colaborated with fan favorites like Francois van Coke, Pierre Greef and PHFat but listeners are also treated to some exciting new additions like Valiant Swart, Janie Bay and Klipwerf Orkes.

The album is a testament to the brilliance of Jack Parow. Radio Raps sums it up the best when he says: “Buckle the fuck up! Hierdie plaat is fokken rof!”

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