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ISO have released their brand new album, entitled POLYDIMENSION. POLYDIMENSION comes after the release of the first single from the album, Rabbit Hole in August, and is ISO’s 6th studio offering.

POLYDIMENSION was written over a 6 month period between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 at Openroom Studios in Johannesburg with Darryl Torr, produced by the band themselves and mixed by Peach van Pletzen.

ISO describes the inspiration for the album as the goal to back to a more progressive sound, similar to their first album in 2009, and that is what also drove the songwriting and lyrical content of the album. With this in mind, they wanted to challenge themselves and write more technical songs which will take their fans on a journey throughout the album. “Music is a language with many aspects to it and we love how each of us in the band are able to add our own elements to the music which forms this beautiful creation in the end. For us, this is the polydimensional aspect to the music we create - hence the album title ‘Polydimension’.” - Richard Brokensha. ISO covered a lot of diverse and different styles for the new album. It features a lot more guitar which they avoided with their previous release, the EP ‘Passages’, and more real piano to add an extra human feel to the music instead of programming it in. Signature to ISO, it also features harmonies in the vocals and polyrhythms and variety which includes ballads, instrumental sections, solos, heavy songs, funk and jazz. ISO describes POLYDIMENSION as a spiritual album which can give a euphoric feeling to the listener, whilst they also break away with more energetic and upbeat tempo songs to keep a balance throughout the experience. The album was written over the internet seeing as Richard now resides in Cape Town and the rest of the band in Johannesburg. Everyone wrote their parts to the recordings he sent, and then the band rehearsed together for a week before they tracked the album live together in one room. “It is definitely an album for the ‘music lover’.”


  1. Evolution

  2. Rabbit Hole

  3. Wonder Aloud

  4. Touch of Innocence

  5. State of Blue

  6. Polydimension

  7. The Field

  8. From the Skyline

  9. Walk Through The City

  10. No Other Way

  11. The Past

“Fans can expect a trip back into the roots of the band where they can experience the sound that they fell in love with from the start. For the newer fans, it will open their minds to a different kind of writing and perception of music. Instead of a formula-based songwriting, we have written from the heart and didn't compromise on any aspects of the songs which we really think will come across on ‘Polydimension’.”

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