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First braai-sause, and now BRANDY!

The superster rapper has spoiled fans with his first big announcement for the year: His very own Jack Parow brandy!

"Its been soooo FKN #difficult to keep this a #secret , but its arrived, my own fkn #brandy !!! Ja, I know, NEXTLEVEL!!! No, really, can u believe it!! When I was a lightie I never could have imagined anyone would even like my tunes let alone me having my very own BRANNEWYN!! And now we can finally drink a #REAL brandy, not these #brandy labels who told me they can't work with me because their target market is a higher LSM than my fans... Basically saying my fans are not fkn #fancy or #rich enough to drink their brandy, yet my fans are the people who drink the most of their fkn "fancy" brandy, so now i have made a brandy for everyone, whether you live in a #shackor a fkn #mansion , drive a #escort or a #porsche ... Its a REAL brandy for REAL people & it tastes better than any brandy out there, i promise u that!! Look for it at your closest #bar or #shebeen from mid #January & if they don't have it tune them to mail // 🍷 #parowbrandy #karatewater#thefuture"

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