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Today sees the official release of a brand new EP by producer HELLO BEAUTIFUL. The EP comes after the release of his debut EP, Supernova Love in 2013, and his self-titled album in 2014. LEFTOVER DREAMS was written by HELLO BEAUTIFUL, the pseudonym used by Pretoria-based producer Matthieu Auriacombe, over the course of the last year. Taking the time to leave no stones unturned, he composed, arranged and produced the EP himself at his studio, Hey Gang Studios, in Pretoria. The EP was mixed and mastered by Peach van Pletzen at Planet Awesome. “I get most my inspiration from sci-fi movies, anything sci-fi related really. For this EP, I found inspiration from remembering my childhood and feeling really nostalgic about certain sounds I heard in music from the 80’s and 90’s.”

He named the EP 'LEFTOVER DREAMS' seeing as it is an accumulation of ideas from the last year, culminated into 6 tracks. He describes writing the EP as if he was writing for a movie; for him every song on the EP has to have a visual aspect along with it to give it the full justice it deserves, hence he performs most of the songs with a band and live visuals. “All in all, everything around me inspires me really - scenery, sounds and visuals.” The EP also features the signature HELLO BEAUTIFUL 80s and early 90s inspired straight up synth music with soundscape melodies, collaborations and instrumental songs and a good balance of happy and dark songs. Also known for his collaborations, this time he has collaborated withAlastair Thomas (Shortstraw) as well as Jean-Louise Parker (Academie) - both artists he has wanted to work with for while and whose vocals colour in a new light to the two tracks.


  1. Into The Galaxy

  2. If You Love Me Back ft. Alastair Thomas

  3. Vader

  4. Structures ft. Jean-Louise Parker

  5. Leftover Dreams

  6. Saturday Night With You

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