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The Ts & Cs are an indie rock outfit hailing from Jozi, South Africa, comprising of Baz Cilliers on leading vocals and guitar, Levon Lock on lead guitar and backing vocals, Wally van Eeden on bass and backing vocals and Josh Roscoe on drums. They have brought an amalgamation of sounds to the scene, mashing up classic indie hooks and hard, dirty rock 'n roll guitars and drums. They offer something unique the local and beyond scene are craving.

This EP has been in the making for 8 months. Baz and Levon started tracking ideas specifically for the EP. Phase Me Out or, as they fondly like to call it Phase Meow was the result of just one practice, and they immediately decided to add it onto the EP.

Writing this EP was the culmination of an uprise of popularity in indie music and Baz’s eternal love for heavier music. Music that is not only fun to jam to, but also smacks you right in the chest. The amalgamation of these two ideals gave birth to four songs and they are very proud of how they came out.

Together The Ts & Cs are playing music that they shaped and nurtured into a product that other people will enjoy as much as they loved creating it.

The 4-track EP consists of their first single, Figure You Out which was released a month ago. The other tracks include a bluesy ballad of the power women have over the minds of men (Devil Woman), No Ways, No Way which is a shout-along of how some individuals choose to not listen to the advice that they have been given and Phase Me Out which is another bluesy number about being too timid to say what is on your mind.

The full EP can be streamed off

Fans can like the band on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or add them on G+ to download the EP off the website.

The EP was mixed and mastered by Sean Gunns.

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