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It’s a sad day in rock n roll as Cape Town heavyweights Goodnight Wembley have decided it’s time for their curtain call.

They left their fans with this message this morning:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: GW have decided to call it a day folks.This is not a hoax. Our LAST show will be on 24 May 2014 at Sideshow with Wrestlerish. We hope to see you all there for our last performance. We want to thank everyone that supported us over the short period we were together and we hope you enjoyed the music as much as we enjoyed making and performing it. GW

I have always been a huge fan of their innovative sound and performances that never seize to amaze. But considering Taxi Violence and GW, I often found myself asking; for how long can two bands keep creating albums with staying power when they are considered to be so similar? Last year both bands delivered amazing albums and this year Taxi are celebrating 10 years in the industry with yet another (what is expected to be) head turning album. What I certainly miss Jean Labuschagne’s one of a kind drumming but be sure to check out his latest project, Dead Lucky, who are creating some major buzz with their debut album , Sons of Lazarus.

This curtain call will certainly leave a huge empty space on some of our favourite festival stages but they have left us with a fantastic collection of music that will cause eargasms for many years to come!

Their final show will be 24 May at Sideshow along with Wrestlerish, Red Tape Riots and Shout Hey.

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