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FRANCOIS VAN COKE recently released the sixth music video, My Hart, from his second solo album Hierdie is die Lewe. He has launched a crowdfunding venture to get himself and his band, Die Gevaar, to Amsterdam and his Jägermeister presents: Die wêreld is mal Tour kicks off on 1st September.

Read all about it here:


Francois van Coke

Die Gevaar


With special guest and Instagram star – Ringo van Coke

My Hart is the story about a down-and-out musician who’s beloved dog, Ringo, is kidnapped and held for the hefty ransom of R20 000. With Bellville as backdrop, the distraught musician embarks on a day long adventure to reunite with his best friend.

The search leads him to the legendary watering hole and karaoke bar in Bellville, Gringo’s, where the story reaches its climax.

“My Hart is about my relationship with South Africa and the video actually has nothing to do with the song. I was looking for a reason to karaoke at our local bar, Gringo’s.”

Francois van Coke & Die Gevaar in Amsterdam 2017 – A crowdfunding initiative

Francois van Coke fell in love with Amsterdam on his first visit there with Fokofpolisiekar in 2006 and has always tried to go back as often as possible. Over the years he managed to play quite a few shows in The Netherlands with several bands, but now it is Francois’ dream to take his band, Die Gevaar, there.

Francois van Coke launched a crowdfunding campaign via Thundafund with the goal to raise R200 000 / €12500 to get himself and Die Gevaar to The Netherlands to perform an epic show at Melkweg in Amsterdam on Tuesday, 14 November 2017.

“Although I have visited The Netherlands with various other musical projects over the past 11 years, I have only once before performed with Die Gevaar in Amsterdam.

We have since been hard at work creating a live rock 'n roll spectacular with songs from my debut album, my latest album Hierdie is die Lewe, Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel classics. All of us are super amped to return in November 2017 and showcase our energetic live show.”

By backing this venture, pledgers will secure their tickets and fantastic rewards and can count the days until the night that Afrikaans rock strikes Amsterdam.


This campaign is based around acquiring tickets to the show at Melkweg and various other rewards:

1. Unreleased MP3 (Anyone in the world can pledge for this.)

2. Live performance ticket

3. CD + Live performance ticket

4. T-Shirt + Live performance ticket

5. Vinyl + Live Performance Ticket

6. T-shirt + CD + Live Performance Ticket

7. Vinyl + CD + Live Performance Ticket

8. T-Shirt + Vinyl + Live performance ticket

9. Live Performance Ticket + Merch Bundle (CD + T-shirt + Vinyl)

10. Ticket + Francois van Coke signature CHPO watch

11. Live Performance Ticket + Backstage Pass

12. Ticket + Limited Edition Die Gevaar Levi's® Medium Jacket

13. Ticket + Limited Edition Die Gevaar Levi's® Large Jacket

14. Ticket + Limited Edition Die Gevaar Levi's® XL Jacket

15. Go see Queens of the Stone Age live with Francois van Coke

16. Private Performance + Live Performance Ticket

17. Signed acoustic guitar (Anyone in the world can pledge for this.)

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