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The Foo Fighters have done absolutely nothing to cure the Foo Fever that has been raging al over the world for the last couple of months! The band has undoubtedly secured their place as the biggest band in the world and their latest album, Sonic Highways, has proven once more why they are simply the best.

This 8 track disc is based on the concept of Grohl’s hit new HBO series with the same title where the band allow fans a look inside the recording proses of their latest brainchild. Each track was recorded in a different city across the USA and features legends like Joan Jett and Joe Walsh.

All 8 tracks are delivered with the Foo Fighters flair that fans have grown accustomed to and they embody the essence of true rock n roll. The highlight of the album for me is most definitely the last track featuring Joan Jett, I am a River. It is a powerful rock ballad and even tough Jett is credited a guitarist she also throws in some much appreciated harmonies.

I often dislike shorter albums like this as I am always left unfulfilled and wanting more. But The Foos have ensured that they rock your socks off well before you hit track 6 so you are thoroughly exhausted by the time the album ends. The album was certainly not a game changer but the Foo Fighters have cemented a culture around their music and they can't really do anything wrong. They have simply produced 8 more songs to remind you they are still around hane more relevant than ever.

With only 30 days till the guys hit our shores I will certainly need to up my gig fitness if I plan to keep up with this ace during that show!

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