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FOKOFPOLISIEKAR is gearing up for one of the most anticipated and sincere music releases of 2017.

The official release date for their first full-length album in 11 years, Selfmedikasie (Self-Medication), is set for Tuesday, 3rd October 2017. The digital pre-sales of this album will go live on Tuesday, 12th September, but Fokofpolisiekar’s most enthusiastic supporters will receive their copy of the album TODAY.

Fokofpolisiekar’s extremely loyal fans were so excited about the prospect of this album that they managed to raise over R1 million via a crowdfunding campaign to cover the album’s production and additional campaign costs.

In the current tough economic times this is a testament of what can be achieved when a band stays true to themselves and has built up a loyal following. During the course of the crowdfunding campaign, Fokofpolisiekar rewarded their fans’ support by gifting Cape Town and Johannesburg with free shows as their fundraising goals were smashed one by one.

The band is now taking it one step further by gifting ALL of the crowdfunding campaign’s backers with Selfmedikasie, almost a month before the album’s official release.

Out of the 1 531 pledges received for Fokofpolisiekar goods during the crowdfunding campaign, 1 281 were from unique backers and 545 supporters pledged to receive a digital copy of the album on 5 September 2017.

“The entry level #fokofcrowdfunding pledge was a digital download of the album at R80 with the added benefit of getting that download a month before the official release. It did however not feel right to not seed the album to the backers that pledged for a vinyl, CD or even awards like an acoustic show. In reality they would only get their copies a few weeks after the digital download seeding and that would suck. We want everyone that backed the making of this album to enjoy Selfmedikasie at the same time regardless if they spend R80 or R10 000,” says Wynand Myburgh

Francois van Coke adds that “we also ended up writing and recording an additional 3 tracks. People backed a 10-track album, but we felt so inspired by the support during the crowdfunding campaign that we ended up writing three more songs and had the budget to record them. So the backers will be getting a 13-track album!’’

Selfmedikasie – Album cover and track list

Selfmedikasie’s album cover is an Ouroboros.

Hunter Kennedy, the band’s lyricist, guitarist and backing vocalist, explains that it “represents the eternal cycle of self-destruction and rebirth. To me it means that you must take responsibility for yourself. The lyrics are very personal and was a form of self-medication to me and I believe for the other members as well.”

  1. Dis in my bloed, baby

  2. Parkiebank, herfs 2017

  3. Afgesonder

  4. Ek glo in die son

  5. Selfoontoring van Babel

  6. Ek is cool (ons is fukt-up)

  7. Wat is hierdie liedjie se naam?

  8. Belowe jou, belowe my

  9. Selfmedikasie

  10. B2CY

  11. Komma

  12. FLVJ

  13. Lied van die slang

Side A:

  1. Dis in my bloed, baby

  2. Parkiebank, herfs 2017

  3. Afgesonder

  4. Ek glo in die son

  5. Selfoontoring van Babel

  6. Ek is cool (ons is fukt-up)

  7. Wat is hierdie liedjie se naam?

Side B:

  1. Belowe jou, belowe my

  2. Selfmedikasie

  3. B2CY

  4. Komma

  5. FLVJ

  6. Lied van die slang

Selfmedikasie Album Launch Tour:

Supporters are encouraged to take advantage of the pre-sold tickets options (where applicable) to avoid disappointment as this promises to be a killer tour.

7 October 2017 – Rocking the Daisies


12 October 2017 - Mystic Boer, Potchefstroom

Tickets: R60. Pre-sales at the venue - 018-293 1773

13 October 2017 - Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein

Tickets: R80. Pre-sales at the venue – 084 444 9028

14 October 2017 - Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg

Tickets: R100 pre-sale via Webtickets -

15 October 2017 - Atterbury Theater, Pretoria (All ages)

Tickets: R150 -

27 October 2017 - The Jock Pub & Grill, Nelspruit

Ticket price: R100 – at the door only.

29 October 2017 - Dozi's Back to the Roots

Ticket: R100 pre-sale / 0834451042 (Children under 12 gets in for free.)

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