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First there was Passion, then came Liberation and now the Bende wants Independence


FOKOFPOLISIEKAR supporters have anxiously been waiting for 11 years for the band to announce a new album. The band’s last full length offering was Swanesang in 2006.

On 22nd March 2017, the band launched a 60 day crowdfunding campaign via Thundafund to raise money for a new album which they plan to release in October 2017.

Fokofpolisiekar wants to release this album independently and needs the support of their fans to make it happen.

The fans showed up in full force and then records started to break…

Once the campaign kicked off, Fokofpolisiekar’s fans responded in full force and the band received pledges to the value of R180 000 within 48 hours. Hunter Kennedy’s acoustic guitar (valued at R25 000) was picked up within the first hour of the campaign by a fan from New Zealand.

Thundafund (the leading South African crowdfunding platform) has hosted around 200 campaigns and successfully helped to raise almost R11 million to date. Out of all these campaigns Fokofpolisiekar has raised the most money in the first 48 hours.

According to Thundafund, Fokofpolisiekar also managed to raise the most funds for a music album in South Africa to date.

It is 5 days since Fokofpolisiekar started running this campaign and they are just over halfway to reaching their dream target.

‘’The response has been insane. Our plan was to go live a few days before the March payday and we were not expecting much funds to come in until mid-April. Now we are already over halfway. The Spirit of Fokof is alive and well, but the trick is to keep the momentum. We still need to get just under R250K to make this project work,’’ says Francois van Coke.

‘’We really urge fans to help us reach the dream goal. To raise R500K for an album is insane, but it is what is needed to create what we have in mind. If we do not reach the goal everyone is getting their money back and then there is no album. It is ‘’everything or fokol’. It has been going well, but we are still far away from the dream goal. Every pledge is going to count and for just R80 you are guaranteed of getting a digital copy of the album 30 days before the commercial release and you are helping this campaign succeed. What a bargain!’’ Jaco Snakehead Venter

Why R500 000?

If they can reach their target of R500 000 before 20 May, the album will be recorded in June and mixed in July. Pre-orders will go live in September and the album will be out in October.

The R500 000 will not only cover the album production costs, but also printing costs, the cost of a music video, marketing expenses and various crowdfunding expenses.

‘’All-in-all to record an album is expensive, even the crowdfunding campaign has a lot of expenses. Sad thing is that the music in its recorded format does not have much value. People pirate and stream music. The days of making much of a profit on an album or even breaking even is over, but that does not change the fact that we feel we have something to offer. Something that we want to create and share with our fans. By getting our fans involved with helping us fund the project, we have complete freedom to create the album that we want to. We don’t have to worry about ‘breaking even’, etc. We can just focus on writing and recording music.’’ says Wynand Myburgh.

Die Bende compiled an exciting list of rewards for fans to pledge for. Items and experiences include a private performance in a hotel room, watching a Super Rugby match in a private suite with the band, Wynand Myburgh’s bass guitar, framed vintage posters and many more.

There are also a few items available that are exclusive to this crowdfunding campaign: Fokofpolisiekar watches, unreleased 10’’ vinyl, branded Levi’s jackets, branded Converse sneakers and more.

Fans must jump on this to secure these campaign exclusive awards as they are running out fast…

The full list of goodies can be found below Hunter Kennedy’s letter.


Pledge now, secure your reward and help make a new Fokofpolisiekar album happen:

Why crowdfunding? Words by Hunter Kennedy


It still gives me chills when I hear it.

Fokof started because of the urge of 5 youngsters from shit-hole Bellville to break away from the mundane promise of the gold watch at the end of your forty-five working years at Sanlam.

We wanted to carve out a new path for ourselves. It was a transparent platform for the lives that we wanted to live.

It started with Passion.

As the band continued, we experienced personal freedom. Jumped in the van and toured all over the country. No rules. No conversation was taboo. We were striving for Liberation.

Freedom from our past as well as our boxed-in stereotypical Afrikaans future.

I am Francois. I am Wynand. I am Snake. I am Johnny. I am Hunter and we are Fokofpolisiekar.

It feels like an insult to call our fans ‘fans’. Something intangible binds Fokof to our audience. As members of this band, we often feel like we are just a vehicle for the ‘Spirit of Fokof’ to express herself.

This Fokof project is a debate. It is a feedback loop.

It’s never been possible for us to release an album on our own. We are dependent on other people’s money. And dependent on an industry that is built on the exploitation of the artist. Over the past few years things have changed.

This Fokof thing just won’t die. We’ve tried to break up, but we couldn’t. It’s bigger that we ever could have dreamed it could be and it is because of one thing…


Now there is a platform where we can finally live out the third part of our three-part motto.


To release the new album by means of this platform we can deliver directly to our fans without any middle men.

Passion. Liberation. Independence.


We can’t promise to blow your minds. We can’t promise that this album will change the world, South Africa, Afrikaans or your existence.

The writing of this album is a very personal process. Again, we argue about who we are and wonder what the fuck is going on and what the fuck is the point of all this shit. This is something we need and that is important to us at this specific moment.

There is going to be swearing. There will be tears and laughter and fucking head banging. And there will be A LOT of THINKING. Something all of us should do more for sure.

Other bands and artists have shaped us and enriched our lives and we hope to do the same for you.

So, if you’re keen, go buy our album…


The Fokof Mega List Of Items to Pledge for:

(*Some of these items are no longer available.)

1.) New Album (digital MP3's)

Pre-order the new Fokofpolisiekar album and receive the digital download link a month before the official release.

2.) New Album (digital CD)

Pre-order the new Fokofpolisiekar album and receive the CD a month before the official release.

3.) New Album T-shirt

Pre-order the new album T-shirt. The design will only be revealed in September 2017.

4) New Vinyl (Limited Edition)

Pre-order the new Fokofpolisiekar vinyl, hand signed by the band. A true collector’s item. PS: Limited edition; only 350 available.

5.) Brand Suid-Afrika & Antibiotika Combo Vinyl

Here is a must have collector’s item that is exclusive to this crowdfunding campaign (a limit of 200 units only are available). It is a 10'' clear green vinyl hand signed by the band.

6.) Skateboard Deck


7.) Fokof Lager Skateboard Deck

Fokof Lager and Verb collaboration skateboard deck. ‘Friends don't let friends drink alone' with bottle opener. Hand signed by the band members.

8.) Fokof Watch (Limited Edition)

Pledge for this high quality GL20 Movement (Japanese made) round face gold, white & black Fokofpolisiekar watch.

9.) Merchandise Bundle

This is the ultimate Fokofpolisiekar merchandise hamper. For the first time own a Fokofpolisiekar hoodie and sweater! 1.) Stack logo T-shirt 2.) Stack logo hoodie 3.) Stack logo sweater 4.) Stack logo cap.

10.) Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vinyl Player


11.) Converse High Tops

Get your very own pair of Fokofpolisiekar branded Chuck Taylor high tops now.

12.) Framed band photo

2013 Fokofpolisiekar promotional photo taken and signed by Jaco S. Venter. High quality A3 print in white frame (framed by ORMS).

13.) Bragging Rights (CD)

Get your name printed in the new Fokofpolisiekar CD sleeve as part of Die Bende + hand signed copy of the album.

14.) Levi's Denim Jacket


15.) Bragging Rights (vinyl)

Get your name printed in the new Fokofpolisiekar vinyl sleeve as one of Die Bende + limited edition vinyl.

16.) Ray-Ban Hamper

Limited edition Fokof Hamper with a pair of a band members’ favourite Ray-Ban sunglasses. Hamper includes: 1.) Ray-Ban Wayfarers 2.) Fokofpolisiekar T-shirt 3.) A signed copy of the new album.

17.) Fokof Lager Light Box (wall mountable)

Get your very own 26'' Fokof Lager wall mountable light box now.

18.) The Complete Fokof Vinyl Collection


19.) Original Gig Posters

7 different original gig posters from the bands personal archives. Framed and signed. Mostly 1/1’s only available.

20.) Second Hand Leather Jacket

Buy this biker style leather jacket with the 'since 2003' back patch.

21.) Electric Guitar

Here is your opportunity to own a Fender electric guitar hand signed by Fokofpolisiekar.

22.) Retro Bar Fridge

This is the ultimate black Fokofpolisiekar x Jägermeister x SMEG retro bar fridge.

23.) Acoustic Guitar


24.) Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass

Some of the most iconic Fokofpolisiekar photos are of Wynand Myburgh and his bass guitar in mid-air. Here is your opportunity to own a piece of South African Rock 'n' Roll history.

25.) Private Acoustic Performance

The ultimate 'rock star' hotel experience. You and a partner will get to stay in a suite at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! by Marriott® Pretoria Menlyn. Fokofpolisiekar will join you for a complimentary dinner, drinks and a private acoustic performance in your hotel room. Part of the performance will be new material from the unreleased album and the first time that anyone will experience these songs live.

26.) Super Rugby Match (Loftus Versfeld and Newlands)

You and three friends can join the five Fokofpolisiekar members at Loftus Versfeld and / or Newlands to watch a rugby match from a private box. Free bar, snacks and food. Full VIP treatment.

27.) Fokofpolisiekar Event

Ever wanted Fokofpolisiekar to perform live at your very own event or party? This is your chance to make history! A private party for you and all your friends. You decide what you want to do. Hell, you can even charge a cover if you want. The Fokofpolisiekar management team will organise and settle the following: 1.) Venue of your choice (max capacity 300 people). 2.) Production: stage, sound, backline and lights. 3.) 60 minute performance by Fokofpolisiekar. 4.) Fokofpolisiekar flights, ground transport and accommodation.

Catch Fokof LIVE!

Date: 15 April 2017 - Afrikaans Rock VOL 2

Venue: Shimmy Beach Club

Address: 12 S Arm Rd, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town

Contact: Barry 082 850 6576

Ticket price:

General Access - R225 VIP - R325 Premier - R500

Date: 21st April 2017

Venue: Wilgenhof Residence

Address: Universiteit Stellenbosch, Victoriastraat

Contact: Jacques de la Bat – 072 890 6794

Doors open: 17:00

Date: 26th April 2017

Venue: Madisons Avenue & Presleys Pretoria Tent Party

Address: 2 Ernies place, Lynwood, Pretoria

Contact: Charlene Skinner 084 228 1806

Date: 27th April 2017

Venue: Margate Main Beach

Address: Panorma Parade, Margate

Contact: Vicky 0828127944

Doors open: 10h00

Purchasing tickets:

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