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The future of live music certainly lies with smaller concept shows artists from all spectrums are forced to challenge them selves and deliver one of a kind performances to keep audiences interested. Dowe Digters has created such a platform and once a month artists, poets, musicians and audience members all merge onto one stage to explore poetry and music and allow these paths to cross.

Railways Café in Irene is a picturesque setting for this event with it’s thrift store chic décor and intimate ambiance. For only R30 lovers of the arts are invited for an open mic session of poetry reading and music performances followed by some established artists bringing their lyrics to life with readings and stripped down performances.

Dominique Dicks and Karel Kopbeen are at the head of it all and have taken the event to new heights in the last two years. The event is now in it’s fourth year but they have changed venues and organizers since it’s inception in 2010.

The most recent event featured Kobus de Kock Jnr and Bittereinder front man Jaco van der Merwe. Regardless of his broken hand, Kobus braved the stage along side Jaco Mans to deliver powerful renditions of his work. He also surprised the audience with a reading from the upcoming Black Cat Bones album. In a rare treat fans were able to witness Bittereinder, acoustically! Jaco mesmerized the audience with songs like Woud and Ware Verhaal and shared some of his spoken word verses from his side projects Ajax and Walkie Talkie.

Here is a taste of what one third of Bittereinder sound like:

Dowe Digters grows in leaps and bounds and serves as a pivotal platform for artists all around. They take music back to it’s roots and illuminate the phenomenal writing talent we showcase locally.

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