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Die Heuwels Fantasties recently released a brand new song, Voëlvry, on their app.

“If you want to hear new music, get our app for free now!"

Voëlvry is a catchy song with lyrics that go deep. It is the group’s first release in a year and is dedicated to Pieter van der Lügt and the historic Voëlvry Movement .

Pierre Greeff says that “we've always wanted to produce a vinyl and we thought, what can be better than recording an important song from our heritage so our fans can learn it? The tour and movement was named after the song and Pieter van der Lügt’s Afrikaans lyrics are of the greatest that we’ve heard.”

Voëlvry will also feature on their vinyl, Deuntjies vir die Draaitafel (Tunes for the Turntable). This collector’s item will be available at Musica stores countrywide within two weeks and at the group’s upcoming shows. Deuntjies vir die Draaitafel is packed with Die Heuwels Fantasties’ greatest hits. Only 1 400 copies will be made available.

Hunter Kennedy explains why Die Heuwels Fantasties decided to go the vinyl route: “Vinyl became a collector’s item with the growth of electronic music sales. I own quite a few vinyls and enjoy listening to them often. There is a kind of nostalgia tied to the sound of that needle searching for the grooves. Apart from that, it is a better format for appreciating cover art. It’s more of a tactile experience and I think fans appreciate that. None of our albums fit on vinyl, so we decided to compile a volume of our most prized songs. It’s also the only place (except for our app) where you can get our latest song, Voëlvry!”

A Side


Pille vir Kersfees

Buitenste Ruim

Beloofde Land


B Side

Klein Tambotieboom


Wind en Weer

Die Volkslied

Welkom ft. Laudo Liebenberg

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