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A few weeks after severely underwhelming fans with their latest single, Die Antwoord tried to redeem themselves with the music video for said single, "Banana Brain". Yet again they fail to achieve the shock factor that they have been masterfully milking for the last couple of years.

No cockroach up Lady Gaga's crotch, no gangsters sticking it in Yolandi, not even one deformed asylum seeker. The heavily commercialised tune is accompanied by a classic house party video. Subtle instances of lesbianism and mild drug use only spiced up by the occasional Oscar Pistorius spoof. Not even the latter could evoke some excitement from my part.

It doesn't all need to be rape and pillaging, but Die Antwoord has always exited us with vivid cultural references and spectacular cinematography. Who can forget Yolandi's Chappies dress or the introduction to Roger Ballen's "Asylum of the Birds" from their "I Fink You Freaky" video.

It seems we have lost another great to corporate America...

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