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Waiting On Love is the first single from Yum Yuck’s upcoming EP, Figurals. OUT NOW on the French fashion label Kitsuné, Yum Yuck's addictive retro wavy sound is a neon dream; birthed into a glitchy reality, kissed by analog synth candles, dub rhythms and an existential crisis.

"If you don't make a change

you'll still be waiting on love till your dying day and its coming"

A sound for lovers of Parcels, Mac Demarco to LA Priest, Yum Yuck's warm synth pop feels like a “space blanket draped over you under the cold silver moonlight.” Originating from Cape Town, Yum Yuck (a.k.a Pascal Righini) co-produced Figurals with his collaborator Thor Rixon. Named after the latin word "Figural", the EP follows its meaning of imagery without any rational linguistic description. Exploring themes of love, desire, time and death, Figurals by Yum Yuck is out this 2017.

Waiting On Love - OUT NOW

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