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I have always argued that the mark of a true musician is diversity. Jazz trained bassist Franco Schoeman has made quite a name for himself with his powerful presence with the electronic rock group ISO and is also garnering tons of buzz as the bassist for Emile Swiegers with his new blues rock project. Now Franco has gone even further and started his own experimental electro side project, FRANX.

Only 24 hours after releasing the first track from the debut EP the response has been phenomenal. "I started working on the project almost a year ago as a TUT student. But now with a little more time I was able to finally complete it to my liking." Franx produces a unique jazzy electro sound that can be considered to be top class world music.

All tracks from the Franx EP will be released independently and is set to see the light of day by 25 August.

" I created all the music by myself but I would have never released any of it without the help and consultation from Sean Guns and Peach van Pletzen."

FRANX EP Track List:

Something About You Passengers Rooi Bloed (Afrikaans R&B) Today Harm

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