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BossyBoots is a sassy, fun and fierce assertion of personal agency and confidence against those who attempt to dictate who we should be and how we should act. The video’s choreography and specific style reflect GHiA’s cheeky, dark sensibility, and includes an element of voguing - a subversive dance style defined by its sass and attitude.

The rhythmic beat of the song evokes the rhythmic visual edits of fashion films, and underlines the satirical subtext of the lyrics. The video meets the vocal with its feisty street-style, glam-pop costuming and clubby lighting effects. Cut together in a kaleidoscope of flashes and colour, BossyBoots gives one the sense of the high-energy, avant-garde fashion films of the 70s and 80s.

BossyBoots is a joyous statement of right-to-be and speaking truth-to-power, simultaneously having fun, and throwing shade.

The BossyBoots music video was created by A Man Makes A Picture Productions in collaboration with director and editor Barry De Villiers of Roundabout Films. BossyBoots music was composed by Ghia and Mr Sakitumi who also produced the track.

Ghia is a multidisciplinary sound, visual and performing artist. Her creative output has taken many forms, including design, street art, cabaret, group performances and some time in front of camera.

State of Being (her inaugural solo EP to be released in August this year) features five original songs that were written and produced over a four-year period of self-discovery.

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