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After nearly 3 years Johannesburg’s Indie-Rock sensations are back with some up and coming shows and a new 4 track EP.

  • 9 Sept – Arcade Empire w/ Shortstraw and I AM

  • 16 Sept – Rumours with Desmond and the Tutus, Miagii and Cap Gun

Established in 2007, Dance, You’re on Fire has become an ever present force on the South African music landscape.

Described as a meeting point between rock ‘n roll and indie, the Johannesburg based quintet seeks to fuse imminently listenable pop hooks with a fondness for musical exploration and creativity.

Released in February 2010; Dance, You’re on Fire’s debut album ‘Secret Chiefs’ spawned six number one singles including ‘Boxes of Tigers’, ‘Michelle’ and ‘Infinity’. This led to frequent national tours and performances at several prominent South African music festivals.

The band also earned number one slots on DSTV’s MK channel for several music videos including ‘Michelle’ and ‘Infinity’ while securing attention from leading media publications such as Cosmopolitan, Heat, 5fm and Channel 24.

Additionally; Dance, You’re on Fire secured the ‘Best Indie’ title during the MK Awards 2012 ceremony.

The group’s second studio album, entitled ‘Light Repeating’, was released through South Africa’s largest independent record label, Just Music in mid-2012.

Signalling somewhat of a sonic departure for the group, this collection of eleven tracks offered a greater insight into Dance, You’re on Fire’s aspirations towards creating a varied body of work. Still, the album remained true to the band’s roots by delivering radio friendly offerings such as lead single ‘Speak to Me’ and ‘Where You Are’

In late 2013, the band announced an indefinite hiatus and remained dormant until mid-2016 – when lead singer contacted founding member, Adrian Erasmus, suggesting that the time had come to start writing and recording new music.

This conversation has led to a formal reunion – comprising of Tom Manners [vocals], Adrian Erasmus [guitar], Jethro Vlag [drums] and Josh Moys [bass], which will see Dance, You’re on Fire take to the stage once again in September 2016 and releasing new music throughout the remainder of the year.

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