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Crimson House really knows how to start any party. One can even go as far as saying that they are the life of any party. Capital Craft Beer Festival will be no different. Vocalist, Riaan Smit, chatted to us about their voluptuous career and what is on the cards ahead.

Q: You guys and festivals are synonymous – do you make festivals come alive or do festivals make you come alive?

A: It’s a balance of the two. The people are there for a good time and it’s our job to be a part of that good time. They inspire us to bring our best performance and then we inspire them to lose their minds. One cannot exist without the other; it’s a symbiotic relationship. A band on a stage in front of no-one has no purpose, and an audience in front of an empty stage is just weird.

Q: Your latest single, “Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine”, has people ranting and raving. How did this song come about?

A: I lived next door to an interesting family and I overheard the mother screaming one day “don’t forget to take your medicine” while I was writing. That line fit my tune too perfectly. The rest of it came about when I thought to myself what the ultimate medicine is. And that is love, friends, companions and family.

Q: Can we expect more new music soon? What is in the pipeline?

A: We are deep into our 4th album now, and it’s heaped with hits. There will be a few new singles dropping before the end of the year. After that, we're taking a new step in our careers which will have us taken out of SA for a bit. But we still be performing around here when we can.

Q: You guys introduced new band members recently – how does band member changes effect the sound and presence of the band?

A: The new guys started out as stunt doubles when our other guys couldn’t make it. One stunt double is full time and the other has become a part of the family. Our sound is heaped in chaos; it’s about connection as well as tone and musicality. So we're happy to say our sound is better than ever.

Q: Are you guys big on beer? Any favourite breweries?

A: We're huge on beer. For me personally I love CBC Amber Weiss and Capital Craft is creating some magical blends.

There you have it, folks! We are in for a treat with Crimson House’s performance! Get your tickets for Capital Craft Beer Festival today!

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