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COLOUR FACTION have released the music video for their debut single, MARCO POLO, released earlier in July. MARCO POLO is the first single from their debut self-titled EP, set for release 11 August 2017. Joshua, the band’s front man, directed the video and called on his film school friend, Brendan ‘Bugsy’ Barnes, to be the director of photography. The video was shot over the course of a day at the Transvaal Scottish aka ‘The View’ – a double-storey Randlord mansion on Parktown Ridge filled with World War 1 memorabilia, beautiful Swedish parquet floors and hand-painted Art Nouveau murals. The band wanted to convey a strong sense of mystery and to capture the light/dark dynamic present in the music and lyrics. The concept sees the band perform a séance in an old mansion whilst conjuring bolder, more audacious versions of themselves; each member is unafraid to explore, like Marco Polo himself, the undiscovered terrain of his or her true self. Viewers can see Peach dance a primal, witchy piece choreographed by the brilliant Alice Kok; Joshua plays an outlaw with blood on his hands; Brad has his secret hopes and dreams projected onto his face and body, with footage borrowed from classic movies referenced in the lyrics (‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Johnny Guitar’). Finally, the band achieves transcendence, partying it up in a different dimension.

COLOUR FACTION EP - Available for Pre-Order!

COLOUR FACTION’s debut self-titled EP will be released on 11 August. Fans can pre-order it today and receive MARCO POLO instantly, as well as another brand new track, TALK TO THE TREES on 4 August.

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