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Alternative music is best known as the genre that won’t be told what to do. From this freedom flows original sounds, authentic words from the heart and a fire that can’t be contained by a mainstream mould. The songs may or may not achieve commercial success, but the unique music creates a lifelong love affair with its listeners.

To pay homage to this genre, Coleské Artists handpicked and presented an exceptional collection of classic and current South African alternative music on one massive double album – Alternatief is Groot (Alternative is Big).

38 Fantastic reasons to visit your closest music store!

The 38 handpicked songs on Alternatief is Groot, evoke a range of moods and memories.

Take a nostalgic road trip back in time to the legendary tunes by Johannes Kerkorrel (Hillbrow) and Koos Kombuis (Johnny is nie dood nie) that started it all and inspired current chart topping artists and bands like Die Heuwels Fantasties (Sy) and Francois Van Coke and Karen Zoid (Toe vind ek jou).

Take a load off with some classics like Wonderboom’s Africa, Eyeshadow by Valiant Swart or Against All Odds by AKING. If you had a bad day, belt out the epic anthem Ek Skyn(Heilig) by Fokofpolisiekar orBeaten by the Gun by Taxi Violence.

To get you in a party mood put on Pretoria Girls by Desmond and the Tutus, Come with me now by Kongos or Jack Parow and Gazelle’s Hosh Tokolosh. If it’s ballads you need, Groen Trui by Jan Blohm and Blue Eyes by Springbok Nude Girls will soothe your soul.

The playlist goes from strength to strength with likes of Matthew Mole, Nkhane Toure, Mi Casa & Euphonik, Bittereinder, Bouwer Bosch, Van Coke Kartel, eVoid, Loki Rothman & Pierre Greeff, Laudo Liebenberg, Twee, THIEVE, Sugardrive, Jax Panik, Nagligte, Gazelle, Straagligkinders, Albert Frost, Just Jinger, Ryno Velvet Band, Lukraaketaar, Klopjag and Die Tuindwergies.

Alternative music embodies many sub-genres and you can find most of them here…

Track lists:

Revisit old memories and create new ones with this unforgettable compilation where you won’t want to skip a single song.

1. Toe vind ek jou – Francois van Coke ft. Karen Zoid

2. Dit stop nou – Nagligte

3. SY – Die Heuwels Fantasties

4. Take yours, I’ll take mine – Matthew Mole

5. Pretoria Girls – Desmond & The Tutus

6. Don’t wanna be your friend – Mi Casa ft Euphonik

7. Dinosaur – Jax Panik ft. Korianda & Daddy Spencer

8. Come with me now – Kongos

9. Hopelik – Bouwer Bosch

10. Tot die son uitkom – Van Coke Kartel

11. Shadows – eVoid

12. Africa – Wonderboom

13. Hillbrow – Johannes Kerkorrel & die Gereformeerde Blues Band

14. Johnny is nie dood nie – Koos Kombuis

15. Eyeshadow – Valiant Swart

16. Against all odds – aKING

17. Groentrui – Jan Blohm

18. My Kamer – Loki Rothman ft. Pierre Greeff

19. Hosh Tokolosh – Jack Parow ft Gazelle

CD 2:

1. Lang pad na later – Laudo Liebenberg

2. Ek Skyn (Heillig) – Fokofpolisiekar

3. Ek Sweer – Twee

4. Wild Western Cape – THIEVE

5. The Plague – Nakhane Toure

6. Blue eyes – Springbok Nude Girls

7. Disco Lazarus – Sugardrive

8. Die Verlore Seun – Gazelle

9. Die Dinkdansmasjien – Bittereinder

10. Sugarman – Just Jinjer

11. Hello – Prime Circle

12. Beaten by the Gun – Taxi Violence

13. Devils and Gods – Albert Frost

14. Kan ek met jou dans – Straatligkinders

15. Afrikaners is plesierig – Karen Zoid

16. Ai my lam – Ryno Velvet Band

17. Om te kan – Lukraaketaar

18. 24 uur – Klopjag

19. Kopskudkinders - Die Tuindwergies

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