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Two Okes Brewery may be a young brewery on the craft beer scene but they have quickly proven they are a force t[w]o be reckoned with! Here is what you can expect from them at Capital Craft Beer Fest 2018.

Q: When where you founded and where are you based?

A: Two Okes Brewery was founded in 2014, in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. We are still based in Roodepoort, where all our production takes place but distribute nationwide.

Q: What sets you apart from other local craft breweries?

A: Two Okes believes in the purity of our product. Real beer, with natural ingredients. We only use the finest water, barley, hops and yeast – and where adjuncts are required, we only use natural ingredients. For example, real Blueberries, real Beetroot etc. We do not believe in using added sugar, corn, glucose, flavourings and colour enhancers etc. So, you know that when you drink a Two Okes beer, you are drinking a real beer, crafted with passion and purity.

Q: What selection of beers can we expect from you at Craft Beer Festival?

A: Two Okes Duchess Irish Red Ale

Two Okes Daybreak Stout

Two Okes Lekker Lager

Two Okes Republican Pale Ale

Two Okes Capital Festival Specialty Beer

Two Okes Capital Festival Specialty Cooler (low alcohol)

Q: What is your definition of a good beer?

A: A good beer can be any style, be it a Lager, IPA, Stout, Kriek etc… but it is all about flavor! A beer should have a clean flavor (and ‘nose’) in keeping with the style of beer. We don’t have a tolerance for off-flavours and off-beers at all.

Q: Which music act are you most excited to see perform on the day?

A: Ard Matthews – look we admit we are not spring-chickens anymore, and we were at Varsity (and partying hard) in the 90’s when Tri-Funk Era was still around, and then became Just Jinger. We used to watch them at Roxy’s Rhythm Bar in Melville on Friday nights, and seeing Ard perform again is going to be super!

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