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Devil's Peak Brewery has become a front runner and an icon in the Cape Town craft beer industry and will no doubt be one of the favourites at this year's Capital Craft Beer Fest. Have a read at what you can expect when visiting their taps!

Q: When where you founded and where are you based?

A: We started putting things together in 2011, but as a brewery, it all properly kicked off in 2012 with our first commercially available beers – The King’s Blockhouse IPA, First Light Golden Ale, Silvertree Saison and Woodhead Amber Ale!

Q: What sets you apart from other local craft breweries?

A: Since its inception, innovation has been the core focus of our brewery. We thrive on making bold, interesting, unique styles of beer that are in line with the latest global craft beer trends. So while we produce Devil’s Peak Lager, we also make barrel-aged beer/wine hybrids, sour beers, and collaborate with the best international breweries in the world to produce bold brews. Maybe not always beer as you know it, but always beer as it should be.

Q: What selection of beers can we expect from you at Craft Beer Festival?

A: We’ve got quite the lineup this year! Look out for African Queen New England IPA, Stoned Immaculate Barrel Aged Apricot Ale, Change of Weather Chocolate Stout, First Light Golden Ale and Devil’s Peak Lager . . . and maaaybe a surprise or two ;).

Q: What is your definition of a good beer?

A: There are four things that are essential to producing world class brews: quality, consistency, passion and attention to detail. Take out any one of those and your beers are going to suffer in some way. We pride ourselves on making sure absolutely everything that comes out of our brewery is the highest quality and ticks every one of those boxes.

Q: Which music act are you most excited to see perform on the day?

A: Bad Peter! Absolutely love their work.

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