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Rob Nagel and the gang are back with the latest installment from the legendary Blues Broers,Into The Red. It is not often that one is granted a truly appropriate first time listening experience but in this case I was able to take it for a spin on the long road to Nelspruit. Rob and Albert serenaded me all through Mpumalanga but by the 5th or 6th repetition I decided to turn down the volume as I might just dance my car off the road at Schoemanskloof.

Into The Red explores a number of blues variations masterfully captured at Sunset Studios. You find mixes of classic country to jazz, gospel, swing, traditional African and obviously blues music all performed by a group of musicians with immeasurable amounts of talent. Unfortunately this eclectic mix of sounds restricts the album to a very niche market. Sadly this is near impossible to overcome but if you find yourself within the select view that can appreciate worldly music, you are in for a real treat with this one!

They explore classic blues themes of lovers lost, lovers found, whiskey and shotguns all brought together with lots of soul and energy. As always Albert Frost delivers a solid guitar performance but this time around it is what he brings to the table in terms of vocals that most impressed me. The band incorporates a resonator guitar, a tea-chest bass and even a washboard to ensure that old-timey feel that goes so well with their music.

Out of the 14 tracks there is simply one that I feel the album could have done with out. “Jungle Bells” is an African inspired Christmas song that seems a bit too adolescent for a band that is so established. Nonetheless a 92% success rate is nothing to be ashamed about!

Good old-fashioned country blues is what you can expect from this album. It’s fun and energetic and will ensure one hell of a live performance!

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