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“It’s mark of character, a showcase of integrity, but most of all, it's portrayal of your lifestyle. Blood. Unity. Passion. That is the Blood Brothers way.”

SA’s Rock ‘n Roll Royalty up in arms for the fight against cancer

The walls will tremble and the earth will quake. But this is no natural disaster. This is BLOOD BROTHERS... brace yourself:

BLOOD BROTHERS is ready to fight for their rightful rock legacy as South Africa’s first ever super group.

South Africa has a legion of rock legends and local talent – in the fight against cancer (in association with Vrede Foundation), and ten were picked to take us to war. As one band, they’ll unite to conquer in their biggest struggle yet. They’ll perform the major hits that made them famous, plus they’ll take on songs from the international bands that influenced their sound. Never before have so many local legends agreed to partake in a venture of this magnitude for a good cause. History has been made even before the bloody battle begins.

Each Super Group band member has been cherry picked from our country’s premier crop of musicians and bands.The choices are bold, the talent undeniable, the result – unforgettable and incomparable…

Raw, razor sharp and ready for battle are -

5 Vicious Vocalists:

Arno Carstens - Springbok Nude Girls: This man needs no introduction. A legend amongst men and warrior amongst the brave.

George van der Spuy - Taxi Violence/Goodnight Wembley: Bumps, bruises and bloody knuckles. Ready to get violent for the fight against cancer.

Francois van Coke - Fokofpolisiekar/Van Coke Kartel: Formidable, crowd-provoking and ever entertaining. Notorius for sweeping up the masses.

Albert Frost - Blues Broers: Strong this legendary guitarist stands with his brothers.

Kobus de Kock Jnr - Black Cat Bones: He sharpens his voice with razor blades because he doesn't use them on his beard.

Bare-knuckled and armed with the ultimate artillery of guitars:

Hunter Kennedy (from the almighty Fokofpolisiekar/Heuwels Fantasties) & Rian Zietsman – (from thelegendary Taxi Violence/Beast)

The Guitar-Killing Brutes.

Bass & Guitar:

Loedi van Renen – Taxi Violence: Fearless commarade itching for the fight.

Dirtying up the drums as they lead their comrades into combat:

Jason Hinch (ex-Black Cat Bones) & Isaac Klawansky (Shadowclub)

Both are ready. Both are amplifying this cause.

Join the Ranks for the Most Noble Battle of All Time:


This ten-strong Super Group is a fearless and formidable force to be reckoned with as Blood Brothers blows up at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City on the 18th July 2015.

Vrede Foundation is an initiative that aims to educate young people about cancer. By combining the toughest of the tough, this Super Group stands shoulder-to-shoulder in a sheer show of talent and rock glory for an excellent cause.

As Blood Brothers become brutes… the chaos will commence.

The venue: Carnival City Big Top Arena.

The date, 18 July 2015.

The time, 19:00.

High Five party bus will travel from PRETORIA make sure you get to Carnival City on time. You can party like a rock star and not be worried about the drive back, parking and at the same time make new friends!

Tickets: R180 for a seat. Limited seats available so don't wait until the last minute. Bookings

CAPE TOWN, it’s official. The Blood Brothers will be at Grand West Casino, on 23 September at 20:00. Your ears are in for a treat as the ‪#‎TenUnite on stage. Get yourselves ready for the mayhem.

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