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After recording their debut album (Smoke Swig Swear) in September 2012, BEAST released it early in 2013 as a free download. It was met with critical acclaim. Rolling Stone Magazine named it number 16 in its 'Best Albums of 2013'.

In 2014, BEAST had enough material for a second album. But they needed assistance.

Recording the kind of quality album that they wanted was going to be difficult, as BEAST is not signed to a major label with monetary support. But they prefer it that way. Artistic freedom and creative integrity are very important to the band.

So they decided to run a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Fans and contributors could choose to pre-order the album ($8), be an Executive Producer of the album ($50), or have BEAST perform a private show for them and their friends ($480). The band raised enough money to complete the album, BARDO.

BARDO was officially released on 6 February 2015. The album was recorded live in October 2014 at Heritage Sound by Brendyn ‘Rusti ’ Rossouw, and mixed by BEAST bassist, Rian Zietsman at Sticky Music for Media. BARDOwas produced by Die Vieskêrels (Zietsman and Nel).

The album is available at most digital music stores.

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