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Beast is among the few lucky bands that have been able to successfully pull off a crowd funded campaign and produce a next level album.

"Bardo" is that album.

From the word go, one is overpowered by potent dirty basses harmonizing effortlessly with Inge Beckman and her hauntingly beautiful vocals. On the drums, Werner von Waltsleben brings it all together with an electrifying performance that commands attention and respect.

This album brings a whole new meaning to the word alternative. The dual bass approach they have become renowned for, rattles your bones and hypnotizes you to the point where you lose all control. Each track flows effortlessly into the next yet cleverly reveals the plethora of sound these musicians can create.

The album features the noteworthy track - “Chant” which brilliantly features Beckman pushing her vocal range to the limits in a traditionally inspired chant together with a simple drumbeat. A few of the tracks caught my attention for their lyrical simplicity. Tracks like “Black Hole” and “Down” juxtapose a few simple lyrics, with complicated musical elements, which have evidently taken sheer genius to compile.

"Bardo" is every bit as eccentric as you would expect. The album transcends the point of being a mere piece of music. "Bardo" is a living, breathing thing that invades your being and launches you into realms you never knew existed.

"Bardo" is, therefore I am...

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