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Basson Laubscher is best know for his work in Zinkplaat but under the surface the rocking blues marvel that is Basson Laubscher&The Violent Freepeace has been brewing; and it is finally ready to erupt!

The collective have been around since 2004 and have finally released their debut EP, Shakedown. The 7 track EP features some top musicians like Rob Nagel and Tim Rankin and delivers foot stomping blues-rock all the way. With electrifying slide guitar, some piano, hints of mandolin and real southern harmonica this album returns back to real railroad rock ‘roll. It is cohesive and succeeds in not becoming too repetitive (this would be where most albums of this genre fail me).

Even tough the album is short it delivers a good diverse range of songs that only leaves you wanting more. Locally the blues scene is on fire and it is all thanks to fresh movers and shakers like Basson. The album speaks of love, lust and road trips so almost seems a sin not to listen to this album on a transistor radio with some Jack in hand…

Download the album for free on Soundcloud

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