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16 year old musical prodigy, ANDREW SUTTON has released his debut single, ONE MORE CHANCE. The single comes after the announcement of award winning rock band GANGS OF BALLET’s frontman, BRAD KLYNSMITH signing ANDREW under his management. For this rising star, the single was written by BRAD himself and produced by SAMA nominated local producer, Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg (from Monark). After their meeting, BRAD wrote a song which wasn’t a fit for Gangs of Ballet, and it dawned on him that it might work for ANDREW. Intrigued by the idea of writing mainstream pop, he set out to listening to a lot more music to understand the approach of writing a pop song whilst channeling his inner 16 year old in order to write lyrics suited for someone ANDREW’s age. “ONE MORE CHANCE is a light hearted, fun song about a guy realising what he lost and doing whatever he can to win his loved one back - all he needs is one more chance.” ANDREW describes the song as ‘dance pop’ and something he would listen to, which makes it a natural performance and the authenticity of his voice is audible in the lyrics, story and groove of the single.

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