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Written and recorded in only 5 days, Shunt serves as a snapshot from William Welfare, and reminds you how good old fashioned rock n roll should be all about the music. If you are looking for any gimmicks or electronic production tricks then search somewhere else. Welfare uses his untrained voice to his utmost advantage and creates a balls to the wall sound where he and his guitar takes centre stage.

Many english rock acts get lost in the globalised world of music, but William constantly hits home with the mention of Belville or friends like The Black Cat Bones and The Lyzyrd Kyngs. He hits all the necessary ups and downs to create a well varied album that keeps you entertained from start to finish. The album might not be the best quality I have seen in ages but all of this adds to the sincerity and passion the music depicts. The debut single from the album ,Four Cups of Dust , is definitely a standout and has become one of my number one songs on the road in recent weeks.

Welfare officially launched the album at STRAB and this performance turned out to be hands down one of the best standout shows from the weekend. Shameless energy from start to finish - as three individuals melt together to form a powerhouse that leaves you wanting more!

This album is certainly one of the biggest surprises I have come across in a while and I undoubtedly urge every true rock n roller to get themselves a copy asap!

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